The Response

We are mobilizing multiple sectors in our industry and our community, all of whom are excited to make a difference by supporting a great cause.

The process starts with raising awareness among corporate commercial real estate executives and veterans about needs and opportunities.

REC4AF is building the infrastructure to address how the process will work. This includes:

  • Education and information provided though REC4AF.
  • Training (including resume writing and interview skills) through partnering agencies.
  • Vetting of veterans’ qualifications through a nonprofit management consulting group.
  • Job placement and mentoring through companies that hire veterans.

While the employment statistics are acute in the Greater Capital Area, Baltimore, and Denver, they are also troubling in many other metro areas. For that reason, REC4AF is looking to extend its services.

Again, we need your help! REC4AF is planning to hire more staff and volunteers and form business partnerships as needed.

We are also hoping to sustain our efforts by seeking fundraising support through grants and other channels.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact us.